Ultimate Guide To Having The “Sex Talk” With Your Kids

Sex talk is a dreaded conversation which most parents fear broaching with their children. A child’s inquisitive questions on sex are at times very uncomfortable. A kid will enquire on why a boy on TV is literally biting’ into the girl’s mouth. If you as a parent are caught off guard, tension arises as the kid is gazing blatantly into your eyes and you are staring back both rooted to the floor and tongue-tied.

1. Build an open environment with your kids to embrace the sex talk

uig743uig98treBarking orders and scolding your child will get you nowhere. As a child, the parent holds the answers to all questions. An open environment ensures the child will feel free to ask you anything pertaining to even sex. Create a conducive atmosphere by being supportive, encouraging and positive. This way, the sex talk will be a walk in the park for you.

2. Entail facts while having sex talk with your kids

Innocence and lies are not the way forward since with time they always erupt. Give your child facts on reproduction. Detail as precisely and as easily as possible what intercourse is. A school-age child who has specifics of sex in his mind outlined will be able to understand how love sprouts and how to embrace it in their life.

3. Is there a right age to engage in sex talk with your kids?

With the rapid evolvement in technology and internet globally, everything seems to be moving very fast. It is essential that a child hears about sex as early as possible from their parents. At every age, a child should know some particulars about sex and as he/she grows up the parent should advance that knowledge. A parent should, therefore, start early before the child’s inquisitive mind starts exploring.

4. Engage in sex talk with your kids to prepare them for adolescence

Puberty is that age when a child’s body begins to change. It is a period when emotions are heightened, and attraction between the opposite sexes is paramount. The parent should have detailed these facts to the kids before they are in this stage. This helps the kids to transition smoothly as it is something they expected.

5. Patience is key for a successful sex talk with kids

Do not rush for results just after talking with your kids. Give them time to digest on what you said. A successful sex talk takes time as everything you tell them may be new or contradicting with what they heard from other kids. Be patient and keen.

With the above Guide to having the “sex talk” with your kids, use everyday opportunities to talk with your children. Enhance a serene atmosphere build on trust. This ensures the kid feels free to approach you with whatever they are going through in their life. Let the kid know what sex is, the right time for it and also consequences of unprotected sex such as pregnancy and the AIDS pandemic.